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Random Idea, Plot and Inspiration Generators for Art and Writing

Searching for a story idea for NaNoWriMo? Want to draw a picture but none of your ideas are working out? Suffering from a creative block? Or are you bored and looking to waste some time? Your solution is here! Maybe! No guarantees!

If you write and self-publish books, I also design covers and make cover paintings for romance, science fiction, fantasy, YA, and other genres.

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Art Prompts

  1. Art Prompt Generator

    This generator gives you the option of simple prompts of a few words each, or complex prompts that may include subject, mood, medium, style, and theme.

  2. Fantasy Art Prompt Generator

    An art prompt generator that will give you specific fantasy-themed images to create.

  3. Fanart Prompt Generator

    Participating in a fanworks exchange but don't know how to prompt for art? An artist yourself who's looking for ideas? Here you go!


  1. Machineries of Tarot

    A collaboration with science fiction and fantasy author Yoon Ha Lee, the Machineries of Tarot is a Tarot site with card descriptions (by Lee) and spreads (by me) based on the factions in the Machineries of Empire trilogy. Note: There's no art as of yet, just card meanings and your choice of faction spreads with which to generate readings.

  2. Random Sandwich Generator

    You won't find a bunch of boring meat-spread-lettuce-bread sandwiches here. You will find a surprisingly large proportion of interesting sandwiches someone might actually eat. (And some klunkers. You can't eat win them all.)

I also create affordable book and ebook covers for self-published authors! Click on the image below to go to my website.

Augusta Scarlett Book Cover Design and Illustration. Fantasy, science fiction, romance covers, ebook covers, premade covers, and cover paintings.

Name and Title

  1. Pub, Inn, and Tavern Name Generator

    Need a name for that pub or tavern in your fantasy or historical story? Here's a generator that produces UK-style pub names, because I didn't like any of the others I found out there.

  2. Fantasy Novel Title Generator

    Is the only thing holding you back from publishing your great fantasy novel the lack of the perfect title? You probably won't find it here. (Go ahead, prove me a liar.)

  3. Space Opera Title Generator

    In the market for some old-fashioned pulpy space opera titles? Find them here!

  4. Steampunk Title Generator

    Once you've got your steampunk story from #2 in the Plot and Story Generators list, you're gonna want the perfect title for it.

  5. Military Science Fiction Title Generator

    Space opera not doing it for you? Are you thirsting for space marines and armadas? Try this title generator out for size.

  6. YA Contemporary Novel Title Generator

    Get your angstfest on, it's time for the Young Adult Contemporary Novel Title Generator! With bonus ninjas, thanks to a list of YA sports and martial art-themed contemporaries that was included in my sources.

  7. Cozy Mystery Novel Title Generator

    Murder and mayhem abound in the Cozy Mystery Title Generator. Many of which sound way too plausible. (Alas, not as punny as they can get. Getting machines to produce puns is asking far too much!)

  8. Epic Fantasy Novel Title Generator

    New as of December 8, 2020: Got a hankering for epically epic epics full of grimdark swords, grimdarker sorceries and grimdarkest protagonists? Gotcha covered!

Plot and Story

  1. Yoon Ha Lee Story Prompt Generator
    June 3, 2022 A prompt generator created in collaboration with the author Yoon Ha Lee, using tropes, character types and scenarios that he tends to explore in his adult works.

  2. Elevator Pitch / Blurb Generator
    June 25, 2020 If you're a writer who needs inspiration, a publicist who is writing a press release, or an author who's been asked to blurb a book and you're lost for you go!

  3. Four-Trope Romance Generator
    New as of 11/16/2020 This generator was born out of a discussion about romance tropes and how throwing every trope in the book into a romance often bogs it down. A romance writer friend of mine pointed out that for the most balanced book, you can only really have one major trope for each of the four categories: heroine, hero, setting, and plot. Once I read that, this generator was inevitable.

  4. Newbery Award-Winning Title and Plot Generator
    Here for all your Problem Novel needs, ready to create a needlessly depressing book suitable to teach innocent children that this world sucks and there's nothing you can do about it!

  5. Hurt-Comfort Plot Generator
    Generator created using the many, many freeform tags in the 2019 Hurt Comfort fanworks exchange. Some of the hurt can be rather unappealing if that's not your thing-use at your own risk.

  6. "Improved" Zoe Chant Shifter Romance Logline Generator
    After I created the logline generator above I, er, "improved" it with more options from the Random Shifter Romance Generator.

  7. Zoe Chant Shifter Romance Logline Generator
    Zoe Chant's romances have a formulaic logline of the "heroine + hero + situation = romance!" type, so I fed all of them into a generator, and this is what appeared.

  8. Shifter Romance Plot Generator
    Inspired after I created numerous ebook covers for paranormal shifter romances. It's trope-tastic!

  9. Kinkfic Story Generator
    A racy version of the Cool Bits generator! Some results are NC-17, so take that into account if you are underage in your location or are of a nervous or fainting disposition.

  10. YA Dystopia Generator
    A tongue-in-cheek generator that gives you the title and tagline for a young adult dystopia novel.

  11. Steampunk Story Generator
    Based on the Cool Bits Generator, but with elements focused on steampunk.

  12. Cool Bits Story Generator
    The generator that started it all! A story generator created using over 500 bits of storytelling catnip collected from an epic thread on Livejournal in 2007.