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26 July 2018 I'm curious how people are finding my generator site, so I made a short, four-question survey in Google Docs. Please fill it out! It does not collect any personal information. Thank you!

28 June 2018 Brand new generator! I pulled a bunch of pub names from the Pubs Galore database, which lists a huge number of pubs in the UK, and worked out standard naming patterns from them. After that, it was just a matter of creating word lists to go into those patterns, and ta-da, a random generator for UK-style pub names. There's the occasional grammar oops because I didn't want to make it complicated anough to test if a word should be singular or plural. Feel free to fix them youself.

Please do feel free to use any pub, inn, or tavern name you get from here, in whatever your project is! I take no responsibility if the generator accidentally produces a real pub name.


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Artwork: Fashion portrait of woman in pirate style at tavern © Demian