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This story begins as a cold and deadly courtesan investigates a mystery about secret passages. Clues include cyberpunk and innocence. The villain is revealed to be a fallen angel.

26 September 2017 TEN YEARS OLD! Same generator, different look, new URL! Generator look updated, HTTPS added, redirect to new location added. Also, I now do cover designs and original paintings for self-published and small press books, in case you get inspired to write ;).

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If you enjoy this or are inspired by it, let me know! Email telophase14 at the gmail dot com, or tweet @telophase or @RandomPrompts. Created with the generator script at Seventh Sanctum, one of the best time-wasters on the Internet.


some time in 2015 I created a Tumblr bot that reposts the Twitter prompts hourly, if you'd prefer to follow that:

6/19/2015 I just created a Twitter bot that tweets a random writing prompt inspired by the Cool Bits Generator once per hour. Follow it at @RandomPrompts. Tweet @telophase to get my attention if it misbehaves.

11/19/2007 Added more Cool Bits.

10/31/2007 Added a new element: motivation. Also added new sentence structures to use it.

6/23/2007 Just created a Random Art Prompt Generator.

5/7/2007 Updated the generator with more Cool Bits that were sent to me.

5/2/2007 A friend is soliciting cracktastic bits for a Cracktastic Bits Story Generator. If you're so inclined, wander on over and comment with your favorite out-there elements from fiction of all sorts.


In June 2006 Rachel Manija Brown made a Livejournal post entitled "Writing by Cool Bit". In it, she mentions the essay she wrote to include in our self-published manga-style comic Project Blue Rose, "which is mostly about shame and shamelessness, but also explains how the story is basically a patchwork of elements and images which I thought were cool or sexy or touching." She goes on to ask: What are your cool bits? What are the themes and stories and images and moments that you love to see?

A number of people replied with lists of their favorite cool bits and narrative kinks. I threatened to come up with a Random Cool Bits Story Generator,and now I finally have. It's got over 500 individual Cool Bits I pulled from the comments in that post. As with all random generators, it produces a lot of misses, a few hits, a few hysterically funny elements...and some things that you could swear you'd read in a manga or fic. Take it with a grain of salt, but you can rest assured there's someone out there who'd read it.

--Telophase, 30 April 2007

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