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This story begins as it ends, with a priest. In the mountains, someone who lives in the moment and a quiet, angsty boy struggle against the odds and encounter a fan used to communicate messages, breath on the back of a neck, and someone with command presence who has an artificial limb. The text features nostalgia for a past that never was.


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26 July 2018 I'm curious how people are finding my generator site, so I made a short, four-question survey in Google Docs. Please fill it out! It does not collect any personal information. Thank you!

26 September 2017 TEN YEARS OLD! Same generator, different look, new URL! Generator look updated, HTTPS added, redirect to new location added. Also, I now do cover designs and original paintings for self-published and small press books, in case you get inspired to write ;).

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If you enjoy this or are inspired by it, let me know! Email telophase14 at the gmail dot com, or tweet @telophase or @RandomPrompts. Created with the generator script at Seventh Sanctum, one of the best time-wasters on the Internet.


some time in 2015 I created a Tumblr bot that reposts the Twitter prompts hourly, if you'd prefer to follow that:

6/19/2015 I just created a Twitter bot that tweets a random writing prompt inspired by the Cool Bits Generator once per hour. Follow it at @RandomPrompts. Tweet @telophase to get my attention if it misbehaves.

11/19/2007 Added more Cool Bits.

10/31/2007 Added a new element: motivation. Also added new sentence structures to use it.

6/23/2007 Just created a Random Art Prompt Generator.

5/7/2007 Updated the generator with more Cool Bits that were sent to me.

5/2/2007 A friend is soliciting cracktastic bits for a Cracktastic Bits Story Generator. If you're so inclined, wander on over and comment with your favorite out-there elements from fiction of all sorts.


In June 2006 Rachel Manija Brown made a Livejournal post entitled "Writing by Cool Bit". In it, she mentions the essay she wrote to include in our self-published manga-style comic Project Blue Rose, "which is mostly about shame and shamelessness, but also explains how the story is basically a patchwork of elements and images which I thought were cool or sexy or touching." She goes on to ask: What are your cool bits? What are the themes and stories and images and moments that you love to see?

A number of people replied with lists of their favorite cool bits and narrative kinks. I threatened to come up with a Random Cool Bits Story Generator,and now I finally have. It's got over 500 individual Cool Bits I pulled from the comments in that post. As with all random generators, it produces a lot of misses, a few hits, a few hysterically funny elements...and some things that you could swear you'd read in a manga or fic. Take it with a grain of salt, but you can rest assured there's someone out there who'd read it.

--Telophase, 30 April 2007

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