What's Your Zanpakutō?

Zanpakutō ("soul-cutting sword") are the blades carried by shinigami/Soul Reapers in the manga and anime titled Bleach by Tite Kubo. I refer you to the Wikipedia page on zanpakutō for further explanation, if you need it.

Your name:

Ishida's Zanpakutō:

This zanpakutō, named Man from the Mountains, transforms into a perfect hurlbat which throws off sparks at Ishida's command of "Ring out, Man from the Mountains!" It allows the wielder to become incorporeal momentarily.


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17 July 2007: New meme version! What's Your Zanpakutō takes on the Fourth Division Irregulars!

7 July 2007: I've been enjoying the progress of this meme around the blog world, following it through Technorati and Google's beta blog search, and felt like pointing out that these are really shikai-level abilties, not bankai. It was way too much effort to come up with bankai in addition to the shikai. :) And if you think your zanpakutō isn't particularly powerful, then your brain isn't twisted to the degree mine is. I can think of evilly lethal uses for every one of these. Well, maybe not the shower of flower petals or the musical instrument BUT EVERY GOOD BATTLE NEEDS BOTH OF THOSE!

The names ... er, yeah, those can get quite lame. :)

Oh yeah - anyone interested in how I coded it (PHP and textfiles) - or anyone interested in expanding it to add bankai - drop me a line at the email address below or leave a note on my Livejournal and I'll be happy to answer questions.


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Coded by Telophase, but inspired by the generators at Seventh Sanctum, one of the best time-wasters on the Internet. Hosted at www.magatsu.net.

--Telophase, 6 July 2007
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