Random Zanpakutō Generator

Intro: Zanpakutō ("soul-cutting sword") are the blades carried by shinigami/Soul Reapers in the manga and anime titled Bleach by Tite Kubo. I refer you to the Wikipedia page on zanpakutō for further explanation, if you need it.

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The zanpakutō Willow of Delusion uses the command "Bud" to transform into a square, narrow sickle. It has two techniques: first, it produces small projectiles of stone, and second, it creates pillars of rock around an opponent.


Coded by me, but inspired by the generators at Seventh Sanctum, one of the best time-wasters on the Internet. I've got a bunch of plot and title generators over at Magatsu Generator Central.

The reason for the existence of this particular generator is mostly procrastination and a desire to build one from the ground up. Many thanks to my LJ friendslist for suggestions, espcially chomiji and sub_divided.

--Telophase, 6 July 2007
My email address is gmail dot com, telophase14 before the at if you want to contact me, but it's been over a decade (and people are still finding this generator!!) since I coded this and I no longer remember much about what I did. :) Also I know that this is shikai rather than bankai, but it was more amusing to use that as the button text. --Telophase, 26 April 2019


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