1930s Marital Scale

The scores on this test are weighted like the scores from the original scale. Each one is worth +1, -1, +5, -5, +10, -10, +20 or -20, and are added up at the end to produce the final score. The wife test has a question about the number of children, and that number is multiplied by 5 to produce the score for that question. The husband's test does the same for the number of dates with the wife question. The questions about "Uses alcohol. If ever drunk" is a bit unclear on the original test, and after discussion with a friend I used the interpretation that "Uses alcohol" equals -1, and "If ever drunk" is -5, thus giving a total of -6 if both are checked. Feel free to adjust your scores appropriately if you disagree. :D

If you spot any inconsistencies with the original scoring system, please let me know telophase14 at gmail dot com) - it's a lot of scores to keep track of and I might have typoed something when coding it. Enjoy!

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