The Machineries of Tarot

Tarot app based on Yoon Ha Lee's Machineries of Empire. Tarot meanings created by and © Yoon Ha Lee. Code and spreads created by and © Stephanie G. Folse.

No art right now, just meanings. The 78-card jeng-zai deck corresponds to the traditional Tarot but is specifically a hexarchate Tarot circa Kel Cheris' era. As such, upright sixes are all positive while upright sevens are negative, and the fours are lucky/unlucky.

This site is for entertainment purposes only: neither guarantees nor apologies are given for the accuracy or inaccuracy of any reading you may receive, and no responsibility is taken for any calendrical rot that may ensue. Hopefully you do not live in the hexarchate.

Hexarchate factions

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