AutoShoujo Contest Entries

The winners of the contest were announced September 1st, 2009. You can find them at this DeviantArt journal entry.


Listed in alphabetic order by creator’s name. The contest description and rules can be found at this link.

(Date reflects the date I posted it, not the date it was submitted.)

Added Name Entry Link
7/20/2009 -achiru- Absolute World-Class Childhood
8/3/2009 AdventureAddict Welcome to Misty Road
8/14/2009 AmbrMerlinus Number One Singing King
8/14/2009 ayuICHI The Portrait of Secret Roses (front) The Portrait of Secret Roses (back)
8/14/2009 ayuICHI Dokidoki Lucky Mermaid (front) Dokidoki Lucky Mermaid (back)
8/16/2009 Ayuna-chan Never Secret Airship
7/20/2009 blackrose924 Prince Mirror (front) Prince Mirror (back)
7/27/2009 cerine Land of Scrapped Shinigami
7/16/2009 changeweaver Gangster Zodiac Beauty
8/3/2009 Chaos2112 Delinquent Shadow Road (front) Delinquent Shadow Road (back)
8/17/2009 claes-gascogne Society of no Flower
7/7/2009 DanceOfInnocence Another Bittersweet Mermaid (front) Another Bittersweet Mermaid (back)
7/7/2009 DanceOfInnocence Dream of Flower (front) Dream of Flower (back)
7/7/2009 DanceOfInnocence She Is My Laughing Chance (front) She Is My Laughing Chance (back)
7/28/2009 Denna Crazy Crazy Rainbow
8/14/2009 Denna The Melancholy of Fun Life
8/5/2009 dorialine Super Cherry Twins
7/23/2009 Draw4Life Memory of Tomorrow Splendor
8/3/2009 Elkian Blossom Happiness Chance
8/10/2009 Gilkinnilk Dear Darkest Heartbeat
8/10/2009 Gilkinnilk Whimsical Faraway Winter
7/27/2009 Green-Raincoat Snowy Rose
7/28/2009 hiei14 Shine Ultra Snow
8/4/2009 hiei14 Shinigami Cute Eyes
6/29/2009 invader-zorro Rose of Marshmallow Tomorrow
8/16/2009 jakjak Rhythm Pirates
8/6/2009 kana-kana He Is My Sweet Tea (front) He Is My Sweet Tea (back)
8/6/2009 kana-kana Pastel Secret Girlfriend (front) Pastel Secret Girlfriend (back)
8/6/2009 kana-kana X Bittersweet Knight (front) X Bittersweet Knight (back)
8/17/2009 lady-librarian Silent Whisper Library (download for the PDF)
8/16/2009 Lady-Mayev Secret Clouds
7/5/2009 Laura28182 Bitter Angel Hearts
7/27/2009 Laura28182 Heaven’s Pet Gods
7/13/2009 lettuce-lover Hell Heartbeat Moon (front) Hell Heartbeat Moon (back)
7/27/2009 Lisilsa Delicate Winter Land
8/16/2009 Lyssasoulless Celestial Lies
8/17/2009 m3ru Passionate Shadow Happiness
8/11/2009 MagneriaAsteridge Moonlight Tea Club (download for fullview)
8/16/2009 Magneria Asteridge Peach Spirit Maid (download for fullview)
8/14/2009 Naka-ko 100% Whispers (download for fullview)
8/14/2009 Naka-ko Please save My Whisper Shadows (download for fullview)
8/11/2009 neko-mukuro Sky Battle Cocoa
7/29/2009 NotoriousZilo La Petit Amnesiac Boyfriend
8/16/2009 OverChasm Cyborg Fashion Bakery
8/16/2009 OverChasm I’m Attack Blues (download to see if it doesn’t show up)
8/7/2009 purplefuzziwumps La Petit Clumsy Present (front) La Petit Clumsy Present (back)
8/17/2009 Rekslare Broken Tangerine Apocalypse
8/16/2009 Rue-Foxclover Cats Chaos Romance
8/16/2009 Rue-Foxclover Petite Tea
7/9/2009 SandSibsForLife Magical Far Away Meadows (front) Magical Far Away Meadows (back)
7/18/2009 Shira-chan Clockwork Boyfriend Tomorrow
8/7/2009 Shira-chan Sword of the Judo Mages
8/10/2009 silverluna Magical Kitten Empress
8/17/2009 silverluna Society of Sweet Apocalypse
7/28/2009 SinistrosePhosphate Floating Peach Dagger
7/14/2009 sjf9687 Cute Sugar Petshop (download for full view to read text)
8/3/2009 sKETCHII-mop Hell Code Mystery
7/18/2009 Sozzi-Pierogi Divine Costume Kiss
7/22/2009 SPACE-FERRET Heiress of Mermaid Singer
7/3/2009 springdaemonbrian 100% Broken
7/7/2009 teaa-leaves Love Perfect Mania
8/16/2009 thefortunecookie Cute Time
8/7/2009 theSailorComet Number One Gentlemen
8/5/2009 Will La Puerta My Shinigami Secretary
8/11/2009 x-GreenTeaMochi-x There Can Only Be One Library Tale
7/7/2009 Zoro-Chan Knight X Mage

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